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well done Nate! I will do the challenge in November, probably 10/0 rapid on lichess.

For white, I will be using the "100 Repertoires: Reti (1.Nf3)" by a really great author!



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Congrats Nate. I had a bad experience in 2019 since I was out of OTB for 5 years and for a comeback,

I played an enormous quantity of online games and solved some 5000 puzzles in the last third of 2018.

Then I went very confident OTB and drowned. In 5 months I lost 220 pts. and left it.

After the Pandemic I was in a similar situation and found that the best way to prepare OTB is not online play but OTB, since the psychological factor online vs. OTB is completely different. So I study every day and try to play an OTB tournament at least, quarterly, and try to pile and learn from small experiences game after game and tourney after tourney.

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I went for a new puzzle rating high partially inspired by this. And this month got my high. In my puzzle training I've found that more isn't necessarily better, because the value of each puzzle goes down. So if you have a set limit to really focus on you can really make some progress if you give it your all.

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Great Article, but considering recent events, I think perhaps the following lines are in bad taste, "As a detective, that’s how you break the case wide open: “Oh my god, all the victims went to the same bowling alley!!!” I get your point, look at your games, and be thorough about that process, but perhaps this point could have been driven home with a little more tact. I would also say as usual all of your content is amazing. Thanks for sharing your learning journey and suggestions with us.

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Yes, I agree. I was not intending to reference any actual event, but that was what bubbled up in my subconscious when casting about for a place. I've changed that section of the text because it was clearly unnecessarily provocative given current events.

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Still great article and congratulations on your rating high. Seems like playing more and reviewing the games are two key takeaways.

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