Yes a NM once confessed me that he didn't play blitz online because it was very addictive.

I don't know if it was a useful advice but I told him:

"Before playing decide how many games you want to play, 4-6-10, whatever. Then play these number of games and look at the two last ones. If you managed to win both of them close the computer and move on. If you didn't continue playing until you hit two in a row and that's it. This way you will go to bed or whatever with the sweet taste of victory".

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Nate, I'll be a copy editor for the sake of clarity: In this phrase, I think you meant "losing" instead of "winning"? Or maybe I misunderstand:

"In poker, this causes many players to play longer when **winning** to try to get back to even"

Thanks for the suggestions about tilt!

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